Screen Printing


Our on-site silkscreen operations create a world of possibilities for your business, team, or organization. You can design custom t-shirts (or bags or bandannas or hoodies or jackets or...) for fundraisers, community events, group activities, etc. The possibilities are limitless and go as far as your imagination will take you.

The Four Factors of Shirt Pricing

We are often asked if it's possible to silkscreen one single shirt. The answer is yes, however it's way more than we would ever think of charging someone. There are other options for decorating a single garment. So what goes into deciding if silkscreen is your best option? There are four factors that will largely determine your price:

  1. Quantity: Whether we are printing 25 or 250 shirts, our setup and production processes are the same. The more shirts you're printing, the more you're able to spread the cost across your total order and reduce your cost per piece.
  2. Garment Selection: There are literally thousands of options in fabrics, styles, and colors. The biggest impact on price will be the color of your garment. Lighter inks tend to look dull on dark colors, as in whites aren't bright, yellows are dingy. To counteract this result, we apply a base coat of white below light colors on dark shirts to achieve a vibrant design.
  3. Number of Colors: Single color prints only require one screen and are quicker to produce, so they're less expensive than a four-color print. That's because every color requires it's own artwork screen. Then during production, we must "flash dry" each layer of ink before we can move on to the next. We do this so colors don't smear and run together.
  4. Print Location: The more locations a design appears on your shirt, the more screens are required for the job. The size of your print isn't a factor for our pricing.

Your Custom Designs

We work with all kinds of customers and clients. Some folks know exactly what they want and come to us with the digital file already done. But some folks need our help. Don't worry if you're "not the creative type." We are! Hence our slogan Unbridled Creativity!

Give us a general idea of what you're looking for in a design, and we'll work on bringing your vision to life.